An agent is a user who is licensed by his status to sell houses. Agents join Boxia to post leads to sell directly to iBuyers.


seller is a homeowner. Sellers have restricted access to the application without authentication (guest mode) as a minimal-contact selling solution. Sellers are able to login to Boxia only to help input information on their property and e-sign an authorization for agents to solicit offers on their property on Boxia. This feature was created in response to COVID-19 and allows both agents and sellers to have minimal face-to-face contact.

iBuyer evaluator

An evaluator works for the iBuyer as an underwriter. An evaluator is assigned buy boxes and is in charge of underwriting leads for their company. The evaluator will receive all filtered leads based on their buy box(s).

iBuyer admin

The iBuyer admin is in charge of purchasing for the iBuyer. The iBuyer admin has the ability to oversee all buy boxes, leads, and all evaluator actions under his company.

Boxia admin

The Boxia administrator is a member of the Boxia team in charge of overseeing all administration of the platform

Boxia employee

Boxia employee is a member of the platform’s staff responsible for controlling and monitoring the operation of the app. .