Lead Status


When the lead is a draft it can only be seen by the agent. In this status, the agent can continue editing the lead.


When the lead is available the lead has been submitted with all necessary property information, media, and authorizations. In this status, the lead is run through the Boxia system to be connected with any iBuyers who’s buy box has been met.


When the lead has questions submitted by an iBuyer to be answered by the agent. This status requires further action by the agent.

Offer Submitted

When a lead has an offer(s) submitted by iBuyers on it.

To Release

When the lead did not get any offers in the alloted period and is no longer active.

Offer Accepted

When the lead has an offer accepted by the seller.


When the lead has been deleted.


When the lead has been sold. The closing of the transaction occurs off of the app so this status is only seen when the closing is confirmed by Boxia staff.