lead is a property submitted by an agent on Boxia. In V1, Boxia open to leads created in California, Arizona, and Texas. In a lead, the Agent will include all necessary property information and photos.


An iBuyer is a professional real estate investor and/or company. The investors and/or companies purchase homes to either renovate them or re-build to create the best use for the property with the intention of either selling to an end-user or keeping the property as a rental.

Buy Box

buy box is a set of buying parameters that iBuyers create to help clarify what and where they buy. Buy boxes are important for iBuyers and agents alike. For iBuyers, inputting a detailed buy box allows Boxia’s AI is to verify that all leads sent to them meet their parameters, increasing underwriting efficiency. For agents, Boxia’s detailed buy box map helps them locate exactly where and what they need to farm for in order to sell to a Boxia iBuyer.


brokerage is a firm that an agent works for. They oversee all real estate transactions that the agent engages in.