Getting started

The Boxia app is a platform for nationwide agents and iBuyers (real estate investors) of all sizes to connect with each other. Boxia’s technology cross references hundreds of individual iBuyer’s buyboxes with iBuyer certified agents’ off-market inventory, enabling buyers to make quick and competitive offers. This specialized connection allows agents across the country to search for properties specifically for each iBuyer with the confidence that there is a well-capitalized buyer waiting to close on the deal.

Please note: Boxia is only a connection platform. All prices shown in the application are purely informative. No transactions occur on the app.

How It Works / The Process

The Boxia Buyer inputs their buying parameters, called a “buy box”, into the Boxia system (location, price, bed/bath count, etc.). Agents that have been ibuyer trained will secure an exclusive intention to sell with the seller and will enter the property specifics into the Boxia platform. Boxia’s A.I. runs the agent entered property specifics against the buy boxes of buyers if there is a property match the system will automatically notify the matching Boxia I buyer . The notification will be emailed to you, at which point you will have 48 hours to perform due diligence and let the agent know if you would like to move forward or pass on the property. Boxia is a tech buyer to seller connection platform once the match has been accepted the agent for the buyer will take over the duties & legalities of the transaction.