Main Screen

The main screen is made view up of a powerful map capable of geolocating each lead has created. In addition to the leads, the will be able to view all the Buy boxes where the IBuyer evaluators are moving, they will be circularly grouped by zip code. In the circles, you can see the zip code and the number of Buy boxes that are related in that area.

Boxia’s main screen is also made up of status filtering and a search engine that will allow you to find easily. The maps have other characteristics such as theme selector for the map view, the refresh button to update information in real-time and centralization according to the reference point.

When iBuyer admin press a zip code, only the selected zip code and the leads that belong to this same zip code will be displayed. At the bottom will appear the option to expand with the information of all Buy Boxes that belong to that zip code. By sliding up, detailed information of each Buybox will appear, this will allow agents to know iBuyers preferences.