A Whole New Buyer Pool

Let Boxia help connect you with a network of iBuyers all with the click of a button. Use Boxia to research what investors are looking for in your market and leverage that information to find more deals/listings. No matter where you call home or where you have a property to sell, we have multiple iBuyers willing and able to provide timely offers and quick closings on your off-market leads.


Our Process

Boxia is made to help you simplify your real estate transactions using our technology.

Customizable Resources

Custom Seller Net Sheet

Boxia Sellet Net Sheet

Customizable Resources

Boxia Sellet Net Sheet Mobile

Custom Seller Net Sheet

Enhance your reach

Tap into new markets by leveraging our national network of well-capitalized real estate investors as your own “buyer pool”.

Lead Database

Create post-meeting reports in a flash by typing notes and snapping photos directly in the Boxia app.

Your own net sheet

Impress your sellers with our customizable net sheet, with easy to understand calculations about the net profits on every offer.

Work on the go

Move seamlessly from your office to a site visit with the Boxia app available on all computers, tablets, and iOS or android devices.