About us

Boxia was made with the desire to change the narrative of the iBuying space to give accessibility to the entire real estate community. Traditionally, the name “iBuying” was reserved for the giant real estate tech companies who used their reach to access off-market properties from sellers directly. This method not only left real estate agents in the dust, but also smaller real estate investors who do not have the ability to market their buying power as widely as the tech companies. As veterans in the real estate industry, our founders envisioned a new iBuying space that allowed all real estate investors to be iBuyers and all agents to be included in the iBuying transaction.

Boxia is our solution – a platform for nationwide agents and iBuyers of all sizes to connect with each other. Boxia creates opportunities in real estate by matching iBuyers (investors) with agents who have access to off-market opportunities. iBuyers use Boxia’s simple user interface to identify their specific investment criteria and as soon as an agent uploads a property that meets their criteria, Boxia will instantly match the two parties so they can begin conversations about the transaction. In addition, agents can use Boxia to research what investors are looking for in their market and leverage that information to strike up conversations with potential sellers to see if they would be open to entertaining a competitive offer from an investor. Boxia is easy to use inventory superhighway for both investors and agents.