The future of iBuying is here

Boxia is revolutionizing the iBuying space allowing real estate investors to be iBuyer and agents to facilitate iBuying transactions.

A new way to connect

Accessibility at last

Boxia's platform is built to include agents and all real estate investors in a space which up until now was controlled by real estate startups

From lead submission to offer all within 48 hours*

*Timeline subject to change

Why choose Boxia?


Boxia is the first platform to include agents, consumers, and small to mid-tier real estate investors into the iBuying space. Connect with agents and iBuyers nationwide all in one place to create a more efficient stream of business.


Properties no longer have to sit on the market growing old as more new inventory is added. iBuying transactions close, on average, 45 days faster than traditional sales.


With highly trained agents and well-capitalized iBuyers, Boxia is raising the bar. Well informed players create an environment where deals are transparent and close when they are supposed to.


Through iBuyer training and educational resources, Boxia’s community of agents are highly trained on the property characteristics that make a quality leads for iBuyers. Boxia assures that all leads submitted on our platform are quality, off-market, investment grade properties.